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We’re building a pedestrian pathway that links the City of Lethbridge with the Town of Coaldale and we need your help in making this happen. The planned pathway will wind through Lethbridge County along the SMRID irrigation canal and it will be a safe alternative to riding or walking along the highways in the County.

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What People Are Saying

  • To be physically active is such an important part of life… keeping your body fit and health, and it’s a great way to connect with people. This pathway is going to be a benefit to Lethbridge!
    Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist
  • The Link Pathway is going to be a great introduction to long distance cycling for individuals and families who are only familiar with cycling in the city. The pathway will also allow commuters who choose to ride their bikes to work the opportunity to commute in a safe and scenic environment.
    Former Deputy Reeve, Lethbridge County

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We are currently in the process of setting up online donations. We hope to have online payments ready to go in the next few weeks.  In the mean time, please submit your information below and we will follow up with you directly. Thanks!

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